MykalsMC Server

MykalsMC Server

Welcome to the best Better Minecraft server

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Mykal's MC Server is a Fabric 1.19.2 Survival style server that utilizes the Better Minecraft BMC1 modpack.

Meet the Community

MykalsMC is the place to get together with friends and relax - and maybe enjoy some survival too!

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Why us?

MykalsMC is built by the community, for the community. We take feedback from members to keep improving on our server! Interact with the world and the players in it in! Every step of the way you are finding out something new with the Better Minecraft mod which adds a variety new biomes, dimensions, tools, mobs, and blocks for building and decoration.

"MykalsMC is owned and managed by a responsible and goodwilled person. There is no doubt that he is up for the job of making this server one of the greatest, he also has a lot of experience with other servers."

- kotyKD

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