Server Rules

Treat Others With Respect

  • Personal attacks and harassment targeting players or staff will not be tolerated.
  • Sexist, racist, homophobic, and broad, offensive generalizations about groups of people are simply not allowed.
  • Any word blocked by a filter is never allowed no matter how it's written, even if it gets around the filter itself.
  • You can talk about current events and real-world topics. However, if staff recognizes the topic is causing players to become uncomfortable, they may shut the conversation down.
    • You are welcome to take conversations regarding sensitive topics to dm's and party chat with people who want to be involved, or off the server.
  • Don't spam. This includes excessive use of chat, caps, player-related commands, or any other medium.
  • Keep others in mind when talking in public chat. Personal and/or exclusive conversations are often better suited for DMs or party chat. Staff may direct you there if they feel your conversation is clogging chat.
    • Since messages in global chat get sent to every server we want to avoid spam and unnecessary messages. If you send advertisements they cannot require a bid in response, all bidding needs to be done in a single server chat or through the Discord. Other conversation that can clog up the global chat should also be kept to a single server, you can have minor conversations in global chat but it should not become long or clog up the entire chat. We highly encourage the use of private messages or party chats if you want to have longer conversations across the different servers!

Play Fair

Everyone should be able to feel proud of their achievements on the server. This is only possible if everyone plays fair. One player cheating can diminish the accomplishments of everyone else.

  • Do not attempt to trick or scam others during item trades or economy transactions. Additionally, do not bid on an item you do not plan to buy - if you offer to pay more for something that someone else has already made an offer on, that is considered "bidding" and all bids are final! As soon as an auction goes public, all bids must remain public.
  • Alternate (“alt”) accounts are generally not allowed. We may approve their use on a case-by-case basis. Using an alt account to bypass a punishment can result in a longer ban. You are responsible for the activity of your account, as well as any consequences brought forward from breaking our rules.
    • You must be the legal owner of your Minecraft account, or have permission to use it by the legal owner.
  • Bypassing the automatic AFK system is prohibited. Additionally, leaving your game unattended while sitting near a mob spawner, or any other automated system, ("AFK grinding") is not allowed. You may use automated grinders as long as you are present while using them.

Hacks and Mods Policy

Any hack or mod that gives you an unfair advantage in the game is not allowed. Additionally, most vanilla exploits are allowed – unless they give you materials you are not supposed to have (such as duplication glitches). Exploiting any non-vanilla features (our plugins) is prohibited. You may use any mods that fit into the categories below.

We allow modifications in the following categories:

  • Mods that improve client performance (Optifine)
  • Minimaps, as long as it doesn't show anything you can't normally see (caves, dungeon locations, etc.)
  • Aesthetic modifications that do not give you an unfair advantage or change gameplay (Shaders)
  • Inventory management systems, such as automatic organization
  • Mods for recording gameplay (ReplayMod)
  • The Litematica mod (auto-build and easy place features are prohibited)
  • Armor and status HUDs (as long as info shown is accessible in vanilla)
  • Macros (setting certain actions to specific buttons)

Do Not Impersonate Staff

Do not impersonate staff members or portray yourself as one when you are not. It is ok to share the rules with others, but please do not try to force others to follow them - reach out to a staff member if you need help.

Do not mini-mod. If a staff member is already helping a player please don't interfere. We appreciate players trying to help out other players but if staff is already helping it can cause confusion. You can remind players of the rules, but remember that you cannot enforce them or punish players.

Do not make "official" MykalsMC products or events. If you make something related to MykalsMC please make sure it's clear that it is not an official MykalsMC thing. We cannot moderate unofficial things and cannot be responsible for what happens related to them!

No Self-Promotion

Creators are awesome! Creators leeching off of others to promote their own work are not. You may share content you've created as long as you are not using our services merely as a means of promoting your own content. We may deny an individual from promoting their work if we feel this is being abused.

Never promote other Minecraft servers, Realms, or Discord servers in any of our public chats. You may share this type of content in a private message, but only if the recipient requested the information first

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